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Esteban Borges

Senior Marketing Project Manager

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Call me Esteban. I'm a seasoned digital manager who specializes in Marketing Project Management for tech companies. Even though I call the sunny east coast of Uruguay home with my wife, kid and dogs, I’ve worked most of my career for US-based companies.

Over the past 20 years I’ve held various positions at internet-based companies and have thoroughly enjoyed my exciting journey. I’m truly grateful for all the amazing people I’ve worked with, and proud of all the products, apps, and services we’ve improved.


What I do

Marketing Project Management

Project Management

Partner with devs, designers, copywriters and more to turn marketing strategies into effective results. This includes: email marketing, content management, lead generation, A/B tests and conversion optimization, building marketing one sheets, white papers, analytical analysis, goal and event tracking, and more.


Content Management

Full keyword research and planning, content optimization, link building strategies and tactics, editorial coordination, managing copywriters and SEO teams.


Security Research

My Linux + Cybersecurity background allows me to deep dive into researching, testing, and writing content about infosec - something I still enjoy from time to time.

Web Development Manager

Lead teams of web developers and designers, this includes web design planning and workflow management for greater efficiency when building sites, landing pages, web apps, browser extensions, and more.


Recruiting Advisor

Partner with HR leads to help them find candidates that are the right fit for their design, development, security research, and marketing teams. In summary: I enjoy building high-performant teams.

Supportive Leader

I enjoy bringing the best out of my teammates by paying close attention to their needs and pitching in however I can.

Projects Projects

Startups & Projects

I’m passionate about building tools and SaaS to solve problems, sharing knowledge with the community,
meeting amazing people, challenging myself and having fun during the process.


Project Lead

In the spirit of a web hosting startup I learned to do it all, technical support, sales, technical lead, project and product manager. I sold my portion in 2019.



A blog network that covered tech, software and web hosting topics. I sold it in 2020.


Lead Editor

A technical blog about the Nginx web-server, including guides & how-tos. The project was acquired by MaxCDN/StackPath in 2015.


Project Manager

One of the top DNS propagation checkers. Lets users check the availability of your DNS records instantly across the globe. I sold it in 2021.

What People Say

Feedback from teammates and employers


German Höffner
Head of Marketing

Esteban is a great addition to any team that is looking for a Project Management Mastermind that has the ability to quickly learn any skills needed to understand a task. During the four years we worked together he has been a constant source of great ideas and his attitude of getting things done made him an absolute pleasure to work with.


Justin Dorfman
Open Source Program Manager

Esteban really understands the ins-and-outs of Nginx. When MaxCDN acquired his website ( I was so excited because I could then ask him anything about Nginx (that wasn't on Google or Stackoverflow) and he knew the answer.


Sara Jelen
Marketing Specialist

Esteban has been my manager for the previous 3 years and I can with confidence say that I have never had such good leadership. Leading with compassion, support and understanding, Esteban manages to make you feel supported, understood and is open to hearing any and all feedback, as well as any blockers that he will work to remove so you can do your best work.

Feedback Feedback

Where I’ve been

Feedback from teammates and clients

Thank You

All my mentors who made me better

Daisaku Ikeda

Helping me discover my full potential as a human being
and understanding that it's all connected.

German Hoffner and Chris Ueland

Showing me how to be a supportive leader.

Daniel Velázquez

Opening my mind to the business world.

David Henzel

Teaching me the importance of prioritizing, leading by love,
and not by fear.

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