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Hi! I’m Esteban, a Marketer and Digital Strategist with over 20 years of experience in building startups and exciting projects, always guided by my core values.

I’ve got a ton of experience wearing different hats – Senior Linux SysAdmin, Blue Team Manager, Technical Director, and even CTO. But you know what? In all the places I’ve worked – companies, startups, projects – I’ve always ended up involved in marketing somehow. And truth be told, it’s one of the things I really love about the digital world.

Nowadays, I specialize in Content Strategy, conducting On-Page & Technical SEO audits, Conversion Rate Optimization for SaaS, and Marketing Project Management. But I’m more than that: I’m a passionate problem-solver who loves crafting marketing and cybersecurity tools that transform digital conundrums into stepping stones for growth. What really fires me up? Building teams from scratch, working together, and smashing goals thanks to killer teamwork.

Apart from the tech-related stuff, I’m also a Clinical Psychologist. This background aids me in connecting with, listening to, and making the best out of the individuals and organizations I work with.

When I’m not solving digital puzzles, you’ll find me catching waves on sunny beaches, traveling around the world for business or pleasure with my family, or enjoying a vegetarian meal.

I love to connect with passionate individuals, collaborate on exciting projects, make friends, and have fun during the journey.

About this site

It’s just a snippet of my personal brand. Here, I give a quick rundown of what I’ve done, what I’m up to, and the cool projects I’m tinkering with in my free time. The juicy stuff? It’s in my blog. That’s where I delve into SEO, Content Marketing, Project Management, and Leadership – sharing all the handy tips and tricks I’m picking up along the way.

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